cooperation with several organizations

From coffee cruiser to ice cream truck

Stints are increasingly being used for sampling campaigns, fundraisings, or as food trucks. The Stint moves swiftly through town, which allows you to reach many consumers in inner cities, shopping centers, or on events and fairs.

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In February, HartstichtingHeart Bloom, Brouhaha and Stint cooperatively created an original fundraising activity around Valentine’s Day. A unique drawing called ‘Heart Bloom’ is created by using consumers’ own heartbeats. The specially designed Heart Bloom app measures the heartbeat through the index finger, which is converted into the drawing of a flower. Consumers can add a personal message to their loved ones, after which the image is printed or e-mailed. The first pilot was successful, and will be continued all through 2017 on events and in city centers.

  • Large target group reach
  • Mobile brand experience
  • Field marketing

The Stint is regularly used for sampling campaigns. Distributing small portions of food products to consumers in cities is the perfect way to introduce your brand to a large crowd. Since the Stint can be moved so easily, you can visit various city locations on one day. This enables you to reach different target groups at different times.

An eye-catcher on the street

For a number of years now, Stints are being used as food trucks. For example, several ‘Flexcafé Coffee to go’ and ‘Belicio Ice Cream’ Stints are out on the Dutch streets and events. Do you have another idea for a food Stint? Let us know!

City Tours, Hop on Hop off, VIP transport, shuttle sercvice… The Pick-up Stint can be equipped with Loveseats which can transport 2 adults easily. In addition, small suitcases or hand luggage can be transported in the Stint.